"The F-15E, based on the f-15, was developed to take over the attack-bomber role of the F-111. Over 60% of the aircraft was redesigned (including additional ordinance and increased strategic capabilities), making for a dramatic rise in performance for this "iron eagle", which continues to hunt its prey."
Airforce Delta Storm manual description, page 27.
"This large F-15 can handle itself in the air and in ground-combat with its larger payload. It's a steal at this price."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The F-15E Strike Eagle is a multirole aircraft, derived from the F-15C Eagle. It was originally developed for the Enhanced Tactical Fighter program, competing against the F-16XL. Needless to say, this aircraft emerged as the chosen candidate. It was designed for deep air interdiction missions, without the need for additional support. It appears in all three Airforce Delta games, being usable by Ruth Valentine in Airforce Delta Strike.

Design (All Games)

Needless to say, this craft looks nearly identical to the original Eagle; Large wings, straight vertical stabilizers, twin engine design with the addition of conformal fuel tanks (CFT) attached on both sides of the fuselage. A very recognizable aircraft.


Airforce Delta

An alright plane. Like all game-completion planes (Excluding the MiG-1.44 MFI), it's merely decent. Compared to the F-15S/MT Active you already have, this has slightly higher speed and defense, but slightly worse power and mobility. Like... Literally an inch difference in all aspects. Thus, this plane is basically a clone of the F-15S that you'll probably never really need since you've probably already got the F-15S by now... Meh.

Airforce Delta Storm

Despite what you may think, this craft is only decent. The F-15S/MT Active is better than this craft in all aspects; and you can unlock it very early on, too. Sadly, this plane is hamstrung by this large flaw. All stats compared to the F-15S are inferior, so once you obtain that, this is essentially worthless.

Airforce Delta Strike

An above average attack plane for Ruth. Despite Harry's mentioning of this being able to handle air targets, the anti air on this craft is bad, so it's not recommended for anti air combat. However, for ground attack, it's very proficient. It possesses a decent special weapon for the job (FAEBs) and is effective at its role. Arguably Ruth's best anti-ground craft. However, when it comes to anti-air, you should use something else, such as the YF-23A Black Widow II, the Su-30MKI, or the Su-35 "Flanker E".


Airforce Delta

Speed: Maximum

Power: Medium-high

Defense: Very high

Mobility: Medium-high

Airforce Delta Storm

Attack: Medium

Defense: Medium-high (3850 HP)

Speed: Very high

Power: Very high

Mobility: Very high

Missile: 60

Ability: No

Range: 3

(There are no differences in stats between the US and PAL versions.)

Airforce Delta Strike

(Clockwise starting from top)

Anti Air Attack: Low

Mobility: Medium-high

Defense: Very high (4100 HP)

Anti Ground Attack: High

Thrust: High

Speed: Medium-high

Enemy Appearances (Missions)

Airforce Delta

Airforce Delta Storm


Airforce Delta

Airforce Delta Storm

Airforce Delta Strike

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