"Developed in secret along with the F-117, this distinctive, box-like fighter was in the first generation of stealth aircraft. The radical design of this V-shaped wing fighter enables it to fulfill its primary objective of high-speed attacking."
Airforce Delta Storm manual, page 26.

The F-120C Nightcamel is a fictional variation of the F-117A Nighthawk that only appears in Airforce Delta Storm. It can only be obtained after completing a hidden mission, Pinpoint.


This thing looks more like a space fighter than an actual airplane. Look at it! It's an incredibly thin and narrow craft, with a blade-like nose and two short wings on the side. It has two rectangular jet engines, similarly to the F-117.


This is not a very good plane. All of its stats are mediocre, with the only standout stat being Power, which is merely average in of itself. It just isn't very good. It also lacks afterburners (Which is to be expected), which also seriously hurts this plane's performance. The fact it's available after a hidden mission is just more salt in the wound. Even more bizarrely, this thing has worse range than its inferior counterpart. How do you even do that?? Only use it for giggles, really. It's certainly weird enough to incite that. Otherwise? Skip. Get something better.


Type Stats
Attack: Medium-low
Defense: Medium-low (2600 HP)
Speed: Medium-low (No afterburners)
Power: Medium-high
Mobility: Medium
Missile: 50
Ability: Stealth
Range: 2

Note: There are no differences in stats between the US and PAL versions.

Enemy Appearances (Missions)



  • This aircraft's background and general shape appears to be loosely based off of the MBB Lampyridae (Latin for Firefly) concept, which was a concept program for a stealth medium-missile fighter. No models of the aircraft were made, and the program was terminated in 1987.
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