"This supersonic jet is an advanced form of the F-86. It's old, so I'll make you a deal. Still, it's a fine attack plane."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The North American F-100 Super Sabre, also nicknamed the "Hun" (Shortening of "One hundred") was an American fighter jet-turned fighter-bomber, designated as an evolution of the F-86 Sabre. It was the first of the Century Series of USAF fighters, and was the first US fighter capable of supersonic speed in level flight. The F-100D was an advanced version of the Super Sabre, featuring improved avionics, larger wings and tail fin, and landing flaps. The craft as a whole was retired fully in 1979 in the US, and 1988 for China. This aircraft only appears in Airforce Delta Strike, where it is usable by John Rundal.


The craft itself resembles a more aggressive version of its previous ilk, having the same overall design of a holed-nose air intake, swept back wings, single vertical stabilizer and engine. The Super Sabre is larger than its predecessor, the wings located more further back and are curved differently as opposed to being straight. The rear wings are also moved up the rear of the craft marginally. A large, very pronounced refueling probe juts from the bottom of the craft, and the length spans towards under the cockpit of the craft.


It's a post-game unlock. What do you expect? Stats are fairly mediocre across the board, with the only standout being Mobility (which is only "decent"). Stats are just... Meh all around. Not very quick, poor defenses despite being an attacker, bad special weapon... Typical post-game unlock, unfortunately.


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Very low
Mobility: Medium-high
Defense: Medium-low (2100 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: Medium
Thrust: Low
Speed: Low


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