Doll Master is a mission for the 1st and 3rd Elements of Delta Squadron in Airforce Delta Strike.


An under-construction Ballga Airbase has been under constant attack by members of the Merv Alliance; due to the importance of Ballga as a forward base, Delta is deployed to combat a new wave of enemy fighters, to drive them away and finally allow Ballga Airbase to be finished. The attacks are known to be very vicious and coordinated, hinting at the presence of a commander.

On the field, the group soon encounter Sergei Kinski. After a brief exchange with Jamie Jones, the group battle him. However, a third wave of enemy units approach, this time being lead by Albert Ungar and, to the horror of Ken Thomas, Ellen McNichol, his seemingly deceased girlfriend. In the end, the group manage to fight off the Merv Alliance, finally allowing Ballga to be completed.


Basically The "GALE", except much harder. It is recommended to be Ken in this mission, thanks to his good aircraft. You'll most likely be piloting the YF-17 Cobra in that case; a decently mobile but fragile craft. The group of enemies are divided into three waves; in the first, you're merely fighting against weak Merv goons. The second wave introduces Sergei, piloting a MiG-27K. He's a good deal more threatening than the mooks, so it's best to find him and take him down before the third wave arrives.

The third wave is preceded by a cutscene. Once it ends, if you're playing as Ken, you'll find the game pulls a HUGE jerk move on you. THE TWO ACES SPAWN DIRECTLY BEHIND YOU. IMMEDIATELY jerk to the left to avoid the missiles they'll fire right as gameplay resumes. Sitting still can work, but it's dodgy. Afterwards, you'll want to hunt Ellen down immediately; this is for the secret unlock later down the line. Take out Albert if you want, too. Ellen is piloting a J-10, while Albert is piloting the same MiG-25 from The "GALE".

After you destroy more fighters, the enemies will retreat, completing the mission.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
MiG-21bis "Fishbed N" 2 D 17,000
MiG-23ML "Flogger G" 4 C 28,000
MiG-29SMT "Fulcrum C" 4 C 33,000
Sergei* 1 C 42,000
Albert* 1 C 27,000
Ellen* 1 B 63,000


The reward for this mission is 70,000 credit plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies taken out and how they were taken out. Completing this mission allows the player to go on to Phase 6 with the missions Night Blitz, Big Bird, Hyper Speed Rick, and Metro.


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  • Despite the stated importance of Ballga Airbase, you cannot actually use the airbase yourself in gameplay.
  • Alex Levine is the only playable character in this mission not to have any scripted dialogue during it if not being played as.


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