Departure is a mission for Delta Squadron 1st and 3rd Elements in Airforce Delta Strike.


The time to launch an assault on the O.C.C. main stronghold is at hand; however, with the Chiron Lift destroyed, they have no choice but to utilize the Heavy Lift Vehicles of the Uranometria Base to get into space. They know fully well that the enemy will notice their plans and attempt to foil them; Deltas 1st and 3rd Elements are deployed to protect the last of the HLVs, Starlight, as it prepares for takeoff.

Jamie Jones is told for the last time to trade his prop plane for a jet; however, he is unable to make the decision to do so, and so he remains on Earth while the others are sent off on the mission. Upon arriving at the battlefield, the Crab team attempts to hack Starlight by attaching onto it with their R-Mites. Delta manages to stop the Crab team from hacking the Starlight, and it takes off, picking up Delta Squadron before proceeding to space.


A simple mission. A plane with ASMs is a good idea for this mission as it instantly destroys enemy R-Mites. The R-Mites don't launch their attack for quite a while, so you're free to go after the enemy planes. Leon is flying around in his MiG-1.44 MFI, and he's worth a juicy amount of credits. Besides, who doesn't want to make the biggest bastard in the O.C.C. pay?

After the Starlight starts to move, several target R-Mites will appear in a row and fly towards the Starlight. They attach to it, hacking it and slowing it down while firing missiles at your aircraft to prevent it from getting too close. ASMs are great at instantly dealing with the R-Mites. Once you destroy all five target R-Mites that cling onto the Starlight, it will eventually shoot off and prepare to enter orbit. You must then fly towards the Starlight, staying in position in the green squares behind it and allowing it to pull you into its main body. You then complete the mission.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Type-A2: R-Mite 5 A 7,000
Type-A2: R-Mite 14 A 7,000
S-55LFS 1 B 44,000
I-2000LFS 1 B 56,000
Su-30MKI 1 A 55,000
Leon 1 C 63,000


The reward for this mission is 130,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on how the enemies were taken out. Progression to Phase 12 is unlocked. If Ellen McNichol's sidequest is completed, she will be unlocked as a playable character as well.


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  • This mission, alongside Decision, uses the same music track used in Meteor Structure.
  • This, alongside Decision, is the second and technically last mission to have an O.C.C. ace whose fate is determinant.
  • This, alongside Decision, is the last mission where Leon Kleiser is encountered.
  • This mission has a derivative version in Decision.
  • If you are on a new game plus after having completed Decision, the briefing of this mission is different and reflects on the fact that Jamie has a jet fighter. This trait is shared with Hyper Speed Rick.


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