Decision is a secret final mission for Jamie Jones in Airforce Delta Strike, and is a derivative of Departure. Unlocking this mission will lock the player into this level, and completing it will allow the player to enter New Game Plus.


The setup for this mission is identical to Departure; Delta must get into space by using the HLV vehicles of the Uranometria base. However, unlike in Departure, Jamie is able to make the decision to abandon his prop plane and use a fighter jet, the F-86L SabreJet. He then goes off with the others to protect the Starlight, as per usual.

However, once the mission is nearly completed and the Starlight is about to take-off, Crab Leader launches an offensive and sticks to the tracks of the base, blocking the Starlight from taking off. Jamie, whose plane was heavily damaged in the battle, cannot use his rockets or missiles to destroy the last R-Mite. As a result, to allow the Starlight and Delta to get to space, he uses his own plane as a weapon and crashes into the R-Mite, killing himself and destroying the R-Mite. It then cuts to a game over screen with Lilia Mihajlovna saying how the stage is moved to space, and hopes Jamie will rest well knowing that his decision will not be in vain, as Delta will finish the war.


It's Departure except you're handicapped by flying a garbage plane. The F-86L is terrible; it's fragile, its rockets are awkward to use because of the burst fire nature of them, and you have to aim at R-Mites sticking to the Starlight with them. Although you get a missile special weapon, it has low ammo, and so you WILL run out of ammo for it before running out of target R-Mites. Hope you're good at aiming with rockets while dodging missiles! Because boy, you'll have to be.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Type-A2: R-Mite 5 A -
Type-A2: R-Mite 14 A -
S-55LFS 1 B -
I-2000LFS 1 B -
Su-30MKI 1 A -
Leon 1 C -


You get no credits for completing this mission. Jamie Jones's character completion medal is unlocked, and you can use the F-86L SabreJet in new game plus. If this is the first time you've completed the game, you unlock the VIC VIPER for free, and if this is the first time you've completed the game as a 1st Element character, you unlock the Jerry Mouse for free, both on a new-game plus.


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  • This is the only end-mission to not have credits play after completing it.
  • This is also the only end-mission be set on Earth.
  • This is the only mission to end with a game over, though it counts as completing the game.
  • This mission uses the same music track used in Meteor Structure.
  • This, alongside Departure, is the second and technically last mission to have an O.C.C. ace whose fate is determinant.
  • This, alongside Departure, is the last mission where Leon Kleiser is encountered.
  • This is one of only two secret ending missions for specific characters, the other being The Confront for Ken Thomas.


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