"This bomb breaks off into many number[sic] of small bombs; it is a release-type made to attack a certain amount of area."
Harry's description of this weapon in the shop.

The Cluster Bomb is a bomb-type special weapon in Airforce Delta Strike. Unlike unguided bombs, Cluster Bombs benefit from being launched from higher altitudes, splitting to pieces to deal damage over a wide area. Unlike Unguided Bombs, Cluster Bombs are far less common. Upon selecting the weapon, a pip will appear on the ground, indicating an estimate of where the bomb will land.

They tend to be more expensive than unguided bombs; they tend to sell for 40,000 Credits.


Cluster Bombs are good for dealing with large spreads of weaker enemies, thanks to the bombs' spreading out over a large radius. Like unguided bombs, they give a x3 cash bonus. They can be used somewhat similarly to normal bombs, but keep in mind they have fewer shots.


  • Great at anti ground operations
  • Can spread to a huge damaging radius at the right altitude, taking out multiple targets
  • X3 cash bonus can get you large amounts of money


  • No guiding; weapon can be hard to aim
  • More awkward to aim than the unguided bomb due to the required higher altitude to have the full effect
  • Less ammo than unguided bombs; 30 vs 50
  • Impossible to use on air targets, unless you practically fly into them to release the bomb on top of them


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