Ceasefire Conference Security is the eleventh mission in the original Airforce Delta. It involves protecting the Conference Center from swarms of enormous missiles.


Our government and the People's Federation government have accepted the U.N.'s offer to arbitrate.

The negotiations are to be held in coastal city [sic] of Gholanda, adjoining the zone under our military control, but according to intelligence reports, the Federation government plans to attack the conference hall using men disguised as members of our forces.

Your mission is to defend the high-rise housing the conference hall.

The success of their plot could mean the ranging of the international community against us.

We cannot simply concede defeat; their plan must be stopped.


Another fairly straightforward mission. Despite the odd briefing, the mission actually involves you shooting down cruise missiles as they fly towards the conference hall. Zoom off towards the M.R.M.T.s and start blowing them out of the sky. They're enormous targets, so shooting them down is not difficult at all. Don't bother gunning them down, either. Just fire a missile. Once all ten have been destroyed (They slowly fly in from outside of the map range, so keep note), then you can leisurely go after the rest of the enemy fighters. At this point, there is no threat to the conference center, as the M.R.M.T.s are the only things that can destroy the building. So go after the other enemy planes. Once the F-20 has been shot down, you win the mission.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number Score
F-20 Tigershark 1 58,500
M.R.M.T. 10 8,000
EF2000 Typhoon 2 46,000
Su-27B Flanker 2 44,000
B-2 1 45,000

Gallery (Enemy/NPCs)

Video (Walkthrough/Soundtrack)


  • This is the only level where you have to shoot down missiles.
  • The missiles on the briefing picture look nothing like the M.R.M.T.s you have to destroy; these missiles appear to just be small cruise missiles, and not the building-sized M.R.M.T.s you actually have to destroy.
  • Despite being listed as "Other Aircraft". the M.R.M.T.s are treated as ground targets (Note how the target reticule is the pentagon-shape used for ground targets as opposed to the square shape used for aerial targets). Due to this, shooting them down with guns does not confer a monetary bonus.
  • It is unknown what "M.R.M.T." is an acronym for.
  • This is the last level where you have to defend an NPC ally.
  • If you let the B-2 Spirit in this level live for long enough, it will fly into the Conference Center and be destroyed. This does not destroy the Conference Center, but you won't get any credits for shooting the B-2 down.
  • In the manual, the city is instead given the name "Golanda", simply removing the H from the name.


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