"Hey, pal! If you're free, come by my place. I've got a plane that's just made for you! It'd be a crime if you didn't try it out! Climb into that cockpit, and you'll be unstoppable! You won't owe me for it. Think of it as a little present from me. Okay then! Be sure you come by and pick it up!"
Harry when he informs the player that a new ?????? plane has been unlocked after a mission's debriefing.

This category lists all planes which are ?????? planes (Alternatively, the Konami Legacy planes) in Airforce Delta Strike. They are fictional planes that made previous appearances in older games made by Konami and using any of them will change the music. All ?????? planes are unlockable only in a new game plus, are unlocked after completing a specific task (e.g. shooting down a certain number of planes or destroying a certain number of ground targets), are multirole planes, and have a stealth level of 1.

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