The Blue Thunder M-45 is a Konami Legacy plane that only appears in Airforce Delta Strike. It was originally featured as player 1's craft in Konami's 1988 horizontally scrolling shooter arcade game Thunder Cross.


The Blue Thunder M-45 is a typical Konami-style futuristic space plane. It is predominantly gray with light blue highlights, especially the cockpit. It has an incredibly long fuselage, with a single vertical stabilizer and a twin-stacked jet engine setup. It has what appears to be two intakes jutting off of the craft itself, which also seem to function as the carrier for the craft's missiles. With its special weapon purchased, two large units float alongside of the Blue Thunder, which serve as the launch basis for the special weapon.


The Blue Thunder M-45's stats are fairly high for the most part. It possesses decent defense, mobility, and speed, but thrust is average. Its special weapon functions identically to Wide Area Mass Destruction Rockets and it has a whopping 100 shots. The B-Thunder also possesses machine guns unlike the F-106A Delta Dart and the F-101B Voodoo, both of which also have a very limited number of WAMDRs and poor stats across the board compared to the B-Thunder, making it far more practical to use than either of those planes. You still need to be careful not to blow yourself up with this plane's WAMDR-renames while using them, though. It's also a fairly large craft, so be careful not to crash.


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Maximum
Mobility: Medium-High
Defense: High (3700 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: Maximum
Thrust: Medium
Speed: High



  • The music that plays whenever this plane is used is a soundtrack from Thunder Cross titled "First Attack".
  • The design of this aircraft has a slight design error; the original player's craft from Thunder Cross had a triple-engine design, and not a twin vertically stacked engine as this version possesses.
  • Although this plane is unlocked for free, this plane's price would technically be 780,000 credits due to how repair prices for planes are calculated (50% of the plane's cost to purchase, hundred-digit numbers rounded up).
  • This plane has the highest ammo reserve of all aircraft with missiles as the primary weapon in Strike, with a whopping 200 missiles.
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