The Block Shooter is a Konami Legacy plane that only appears in Airforce Delta Strike. It was originally featured as the player's craft in Konami's 1989 hybrid puzzle/shoot 'em up arcade game Quarth, also known as Block Hole.


The Block Shooter is a very bizarre... Plane? The craft itself looks like a gigantic bullet with metallic detailing on it. It has a bright red light on the top of it, and has a massive booster inside of the back of it. It is seemingly being moved by two small cherub-like creatures. When firing weapons, the front of the craft opens up.


The Block Shooter's stats are all above average except for mobility which is very poor. It has rockets as its main weapon and lacks a machine gun. It only really has any sort of use because of its special weapon, the All Delete Block. When you use it, the mission you're playing is instantly completed. However, it also destroys the Block Shooter and you have to spend a large amount of money to repair it and re-purchase its special weapon if you wish to use it again. This is, overall, a very strange aircraft, in terms of both appearance and performance.


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Medium-High
Mobility: Very Low
Defense: Maximum (5300 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: Very High
Thrust: Very High
Speed: Medium-High



  • This is the only Konami Legacy plane in the game not to have a machine gun.
  • This aircraft has the highest HP of all aircraft in Strike.
  • The music that plays whenever this plane is used is the same as the Penta.
  • When the player fires this plane's rockets, Amelia Johnson will say the player has fired a block, not a rocket. For instance, if the player fires this plane's rockets while playing as Ken Thomas, Amelia will say, "Block fired by Viper 3."
  • Although this plane is unlocked for free, this plane's price would technically be 1,200,000 credits due to how repair prices for planes are calculated (50% of the plane's cost to purchase, hundred-digit numbers rounded up).
  • This aircraft has the highest repair price of all aircraft in Strike.
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