"Stampede Campaign" Big Bird is a mission for the 1st Element of Delta Squadron in Airforce Delta Strike.


The E.D.A.F. has initiated "Stampede Campaign" to bombard the Kotor Stronghold which is under the O.C.C.'s control. An Armed Fighting Walker (AFW) is being carried to the bombardment position by a large transport craft known as the Archelon. Delta Squadron 1st Element is being dispatched to escort the transport. During the mission, Amelia Johnson claims that orders are received to change the drop point as units there have not checked in and are believed destroyed. The crew aboard Archelon hesitates, knowing that the course from their current position to waypoint E (the new drop point requested) goes right over an O.C.C. out post. Amelia reassures them that they're there to cover them and they proceed. With help from 1st Element, the Archelon makes it to waypoint E and drops the AFW, setting the course for the next mission.


This escort mission isn't particularly hard, but it's not too easy either. You have to protect the large, slow-flying Archelon as it flies to the drop point from enemies, one of which is Leon Kleiser in a MiG-31BM "Foxhound". He can be nasty sometimes, but your allies are likely to keep him occupied. You can shoot him down if you want, but you still need to focus on defending the Archelon. A little later in the mission, three Su-27SMK "Flanker B"s appear and attack the Archelon. Shoot them all down as quickly as possible as they can seriously damage the Archelon as they have high anti-air attack stats. Up ahead and to the right is the O.C.C. outpost with five bullet-firing batteries all marked as targets. You should destroy them all before the Archelon flies over them since they'll attack it if they can. A little later, two Su-34s appear and attack the Archelon. You can shoot them down if you want, but their missiles don't damage the Archelon that much since they're attackers with low anti-air attack stats. You complete the mission if the Archelon reaches its destination.

It's also worth noting that the spawning points for the additional enemy units are always the same; if you're aware of the exact timing they spawn, you can quickly intercept them right as they arrive on the battlefield and destroy them before they pose a threat to the Archelon at all.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Battery 5 B 5,000
Leon* 1 C 54,000
Su-35 "Flanker E" 2 A 41,000
Su-27SMK "Flanker B" 4 B 32,000
Su-34 2 B 39,000
Ka-52 "Hokum B" 1 C 10,000


The reward for this mission is 80,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies taken out and how they were taken out. Armed Fighting Walker is automatically unlocked if this mission is completed. The Spitfire Mk24 is also unlocked for 64,000 credits if this mission is completed as Jamie Jones.


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