BLUE WING KNIGHTS is the opening mission in Airforce Delta Strike. The player plays as Ken Thomas for this mission.


There is no briefing for this mission. The mission begins with a cutscene, with Ken Thomas inside of his F-5E Tiger II. An emergency is issued; enemy bombers are heading towards Area NB-53, Lugerde City. After the squadron performs a quick aircraft test, they deploy from the giant transport and fly off towards the city.

At the city, the three plane squadron (Ruth Valentine in an Su-24M, John Rundal in an Su-7BM bis, and Ken, as previously noted, in his F-5E, arrive at the city. However, they are too late. The mysterious, highly advanced bombers attack the city, destroying a massive part of the city. The squadron then fires back before the bombers are able to attack again. The attack is being escorted by the Merv Alliance, and with them, Sergei Kinski, the "Emperor", piloting an Su-22M-4 "Fitter K".

In the end, all of the bombers are successfully shot down, and another attack is averted, though at great cost.


As one should expect, for being the first level, it's fairly simple. There are six targets; gigantic bombers known as Type-B6: Plows. Plows are fat, slow, and easy to shoot down. Although they sporadically fire giant yellow shots forward, this is not threatening in the slightest, as they do not aim towards you.

The escorts are also fairly few; the only one to watch out for is Sergei. And even then, him in his Su-22M-4 is fairly simple to shoot down. Overall, a basic starter mission in any flight sim, though it introduces Airforce Delta Strike's rather outlandish gameplay and enemy variety.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Type-B6: Plow 6 D 10,000
Su-7BM bis "Fitter A" 1 D 5,000
Su-17M "Fitter D" 1 D 10,000
Su-20 "Fitter C" 1 D 10,000
Sergei 1 D 16,000
Tu-160 6 D 30,000


The reward for this mission is 10,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies destroyed as well as the type of weapon used to destroy them. The mission operation code H4 is also unlocked.


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  • You must do this mission whenever you start a new game, regardless of it being New Game Plus or not, and you are unable to choose whatever plane you want for this mission. However, you can keep the special weapon equipped on the F-5E, if that has already been purchased for it (though considering it's a bomb, this is ultimately completely useless).
  • If you fail this mission by any means, you are thrown back to the title screen.
  • The transport carrying 3rd Element is later revealed to be the Archelon (or, at least a plane of the same design).


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