Attack of the Tyrant is the (discounting Escape at Dawn and Time Limit which are both optional) second mission for Febris Airbase in Airforce Delta Storm


There are many enemies in this level, both in the air and water, as well as numerous targets and they won't go easy on you. There are two Tyrant super-weapons in this level that you must destroy. One of them is dormant but the other is getting ready to use concentrated light from the sun and you must destroy it before that happens otherwise the mission will fail. Destroying the Tyrant getting ready early is generally recommended since you'll have more time to focus on most other targets. There are ten planes in the air and only four of them must be shot down. You complete this mission after destroying/shooting down all targets.

Mission Objectives

  • Destroy/Shoot down all targets
  • Stop the Tyrant at Point A (the second target area) from getting ready to use concentrated light from the sun.


The reward for this mission is 300,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies taken out and, in the case of the planes, how they were taken out. Final Mission is unlocked. The Su-42 Funeral and the StN-006 Hermit are also unlocked for 520,000 credits and 630,000 credits respectively.

Mission Dialogue


We have finally found the secret of the United Forces' super-weapon. Our Intelligence Division has code-named the weapon "Tyrant." It uses concentrated light from the sun. Once the order to fire has been given, a central computer takes control and aims a high-energy laser at the target. Furthermore, the weapon is housed in an un-manned automatically-defended facility. Our Navy and Air Force have already received significant damage from "Tyrant." Before it strikes again, we will use our remaining military strength to create a diversion, then throw everything we have into neutralizing the weapon's defenses. We are depending on you on this one. Over and out.

Mission Map

Delta Leader: (When mission is selected on the map) We have information that "Tyrant" is getting ready for another attack, and its laser is now in the process of being adjusted for this purpose. We must neutralize it before it can attack again.


[pre-mission cutscene]

Narrator: The Allied Forces used land battles to their advantage to gain control over the seas of Elesia, so half of their total marine forces is concentrated here at the Delfoi Bay. 6th Fleet of the Allied Forces.

Unknown: With this much firepower here, there's no way we can lose.

Unknown: We've got twice as much here as they do.

Unknown: There's a heat source coming this way at high speed!

Unknown: What is it! The light...Aghhh!! [laser is fired from the Tyrant and the 6th Fleet is apparently wiped out]

[pre-mission cutscene ends with a shot of the Tyrant]


Delta 2: (When the Tyrant at Point A starts getting ready after approximately 32 seconds into the mission) Movement sighted at Point A. (When the Tyrant is nearly ready after approximately 3 minutes and 36 seconds into the mission) High energy output detected. Hurry!

[mission fails if the Tyrant moves all the way horizontally and a cutscene showing it from above and the screen turning white is shown]

[mission is completed once all targets are destroyed]


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Airforce Delta Storm - Mission 32 Attack of the Tyrant (Febris Airbase)

Airforce Delta Storm - Mission 32 Attack of the Tyrant (Febris Airbase)

Attack of the Tyrant begins at 2:58. NOTE: This is the NTSC version.

Deadly Skies - Mission 32 Attack of the Tyrant

Deadly Skies - Mission 32 Attack of the Tyrant

Attack of the Tyrant begins at 3:04. NOTE: This is the PAL version.


  • This is the last mission in the NTSC version of the game to have a normal mission briefing.
  • There are several differences between the NTSC version of this mission and the PAL version. For instance, the words displayed on the screen erroneously mention that the United Forces, and not the Allied Forces gained a land advantage and gathered half their marine power on the Delfoi Bay whose name is also written as 'Delphi Shores'. There is also a robotic voice which is hard to understand in the background as well as a clock counting down before the Tyrant is ready. The timer in the PAL version also scrolls forward. The gun pods attached to the Tyrants that move up and down also shoot lasers instead of missiles.