This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission Armed Fighting Walker in Airforce Delta Strike.


Robert: [grins] Okay, it looks like you're all here. Make yourselves comfortable. We never thought you'd be called into action this early on, you know, but--

Lilia: [smiles] Uh, sir? We don't have all that much time. Can we get started?

Robert: [nervous] Hmm? Oh, yes, of course. Amelia, what's the situation?

[Lilia turns neutral]

Amelia: Let's see... The plan was to drop an armored fighting walker near the enemy's Kotor stronghold, but we couldn't secure the drop site. So we were forced to drop the AFW further away. The AFW was going to move to the bombardment position on its own, but enemy ground forces are massing nearby. Furthermore, that position is still in enemy territory. Nothing but bad news, I'm afraid. Here are your orders. 2nd Element will scramble at once. Eliminate the enemy troops in the AFW's path and escort it as it moves. That is all.

Holst: So we don't want the assault position to be in hostile territory?

Lilia: That's right. The enemy's much better defended than we thought, and so our troop's advance has to be slow.

Brian: [angry] So basically we're just cleaning up the army's mess, huh?

Pedro: [smiles] This barely qualifies as cleaning up.

Lilia: After dropping something as big and obvious as thatNOTE: The subtitles say "that," but she actually says "the" AFW, my guess is the enemy will come after it with ground and air forces. That's where we come in.

Brian: Whaaat!? We gotta fight ground and air forces? What happened to their air escorts?

Lilia: [smiles] Well they had to come back and refuel some time, right? The point is that you're the only ones who can get there in time. So get out there and do your jobs!

Holst: [smiles] Roger!

Lilia: Oh, one more thing... Your mission is to protect that AFW. So don't let yourself get too distracted by the enemy, all right?

Robert: [turns neutral] 2nd Element, move out. Guard the AFW with all you've got. Make damn sure it stays in one piece.

[briefing ends]


Amelia: Nomad to all Cobra units. You'll be guarding the armored fighting walker on this mission.

AFW: AFW here. Nomad, do you read me?

Amelia: Nomad, AFW, what's up?

AFW: We're heading for our destination. Cover us.

Amelia: Nomad, roger.

Merv Officer: Target within range. Engines at full power! We're going in!

Merv Soldier: Attack preparations complete. Target in sight!

AFW Soldier: W-we've got radar contact? Bandit!

AFW: What? Where'd they come from?! Dammit, is this a trap?

AFW Soldier: Enemy approaching! They're starting to attack!

AFW: Evade! Evade!!

AFW Soldier: T-too late! Prepare for aftershock!

Amelia: Nomad to all Cobra Units. Destroy all enemy units, and step on it!

Elbow: Elbow Lead to AFW. The route to Point D is blocked by enemy vehicles.

AFW: AFW, roger that. Let's not waste our time fighting. Move out to the east. Shoot for Point D from Point N.

AFW Soldier: Roger. Changing course to the northeast.

[if the first four Type-A8: Doggies are all destroyed, the following three lines will be said]

AFW Soldier: The enemy attack ship has been silenced!

AFW: Good--now hurry toward our endpoint!

AFW Soldier: Roger.

Brian: (if playing as Holst) Th-this is amazing! It's actually walking!

Pedro: (if playing as Holst) Sprog! Stay focused or you're toast!

Brian: (if playing as Holst) R-roger...

Holst: (if playing as Brian) When did they put this together?

Pedro: (if playing as Brian) I think it's a one-of-a-kind original.

Holst: (if playing as Brian) Guess we'd better give it a little extra, eh? All Cobra units, deploy and defend!

Pedro: (if playing as Brian) Roger.

Amelia: The AFW has departed from their plans and is taking another route.

Merv Officer: The enemy has changed routes. Plan A is still a go.

Merv Soldier: Roger.

AFW Soldier: S-sir!

AFW: What is it?

AFW Soldier: R-radar... It's another ship, the same kind.

AFW: Argh! I'm running out of options... Nomad! Do something! This unit has no short-range weapons! Can't you do something?

AFW Soldier: We can only force our way through and leave the rest to Delta!

AFW: AFW to Nomad. The enemy appears to be well-camouflaged. Our low-output radar didn't catch them in time. Do something, please!

Amelia: Nomad, roger. All Cobra units, will send data when they're on radar. Attack immediately.

Giuseppe: Why? Why must I be treated this way? It's all your fault, Delta! Today will be the day I send you to the depths of hell! All right, everyone--blast the enemy and watch my back!

Merv Officer: Now we've got them. All units attack!!

Merv Soldier: Roger!

Brian: (if playing as Holst) So it's for real after all!

Pedro: (if playing as Holst) What is?

Brian: (if playing as Holst) I heard rumors that our army was developing a walking weapon!

Pedro: (if playing as Holst) Okay, then, let's see what we can do. Can't let it get broken, right?

Holst: (if playing as Brian) Wow, it's fantastic.

Pedro: (if playing as Brian) This should make things a lot easier!

Holst: (if playing as Brian) You've got that right. Anything to win, huh...

Pedro: (if playing as Brian) I guess so. C'mon, let's get back on track.

Holst: (if playing as Brian) Yeah. All Cobra units, deploy!

Amelia: Picking up something on radar... It's an enemy bomber! Warning! Enemy bomber approaching the AFW!

Bomber: How was it? Can I have a bomb damage assessment?

Amelia: We have radar! It's the same kind of ship. Forward data to HUD.

AFW Soldier: Sir! We have more contact!

AFW What are we up against?

AFW Soldier: The same kind of ship as before.

AFW: Damn! Can we handle it?

AFW Soldier: We're still okay, but not for long...

Bomber: Target confirmed. Entering drop course. Bombing begun! Course entered! Preparing to drop bombs! We should've hit harder! (if any bombers from the first wave are shot down) I've been hit! Bug out! (if any bombers from the second wave are shot down) I-I can't control it! I'm...I'm going down!

Merv Officer: That's mine and mine alone! Move it!

Amelia: (if the player moves too far away from the AFW at any point in the mission before it reaches its destination) You're too far away from the guard target! Return immediately! (if the AFW is under attack) The guard target is under attack! Do something!

AFW Soldier: (if the AFW takes a certain amount of damage to its stabilizers) Left stabilizer damaged! Any more and we'll go down for sure! OR Right stabilizer damaged! Any more and we'll go down for sure! (if the AFW takes a certain amount of damage to its balancers) Left balancer damaged! Any more and we'll go down for sure! OR Right balancer damaged! Any more and we'll go down for sure!

Amelia: (if the AFW takes a certain amount of damage) It can't take any more damage! Return to the guard target now!

AFW: (if the AFW takes a certain amount of damage to its port power unit) Fire in the port power unit! Put it out on the double! (if the AFW takes a certain amount of damage to its starboard power unit) Fire in the starboard power unit! Put it out on the double! (if the AFW gets damaged enough) Any more damage and we're done for! Main engine unit damaged! Output reduced!

[if the AFW takes too much damage, the mission will fail and the following four lines will be said]

Bomber: Target destroyed!

AFW: What's going on?

AFW Soldier: Our power units are shot. Will self-destruct to protect data.

AFW: Dammit! Why did it come to this? Evacuate!

[if the AFW reaches its destination, the following dialogue will be said]

Bomber: (if at least one bomber is not shot down at this point) Dammit! Mission failed! Returning to base.

AFW: AFW here. We've arrived at our destination. Proceeding with the game plan! Thanks for your help. You saved our necks.

Amelia: (if Giuseppe is shot down at this point) Mission accomplished! All units return to base!

Giuseppe: (if not shot down at this point) C'mon, you slowpokes! Where's your fighting spirit? We can't just slink away with our tails between our legs! At least knock down a Delta first! Do it for me!

Amelia: (if Giuseppe is not shot down at this point) The enemy's headed this way! For your own safety, make each shot count!

Giuseppe: (when shot down) Damn! I-I'm... I'm bailing out... Why won't it work? No! I don't want to die... Please! Nooooooo... [dies]

Amelia: (if Giuseppe is shot down after the AFW reaches its destination) Enemy craft destroyed. Good job! All units back to base.

[mission ends]


[in meeting room]

Amelia: [smiles] Great work, everybody!

Pedro: It sounds like a party in here. What's the commotion?

Amelia: Letters have just arrived. Pick them up here.

Pedro: [smiles] Letters? Well, that doesn't concern me.

Brian: Huh? Why, Lieutenant Pedro?

Pedro: I don't know anybody who would send me a letter.

Brian: What about your family?

Pedro: I lost them a long time ago.

Brian: [feels sad for him] Oh my! I'm sorry.

Pedro: Don't let it bother you. Commander, you must've received a letter from your daughter?

Holst: [smiles] Ah, yes, you're right...

Pedro: Ah, you don't need to be so nervous.

Holst: [frowns] Now, keep it down, folks! Sergeant Johnson, could you look for my letters?

Amelia: [turns neutral] Yes, sir!...What's this? I believe this is for you, Holst?

Holst: Let's see...Yes, it is. Thanks, Sergeant Johnson.

Amelia: [smiles] You're very welcome. Holst, is Alice your wife or daughter?

Holst: [smiles] My daughter. Now, if you'll excuse me. [heads to hallway and turns worried] ...Alice...

Brian: [offscreen] Lead!

Holst: [calms down and Brian then appears onscreen with his neutral expression] Oh, Brian? What can I do for you?

Brian: Lead, I don't think you should be assigned to the Delta Squadron.

Holst: [smiles] Now, what is it all of a sudden? It won't be long before our strike on the Kotor stronghold. What would you do without me?

Brian: [angry] But Lead, what about Alice? You can't fight while you're worried about her!

Holst: [frowns] But I'm the only one who can handle this position.

Brian: Commander, you shouldn't be here under the circumstances!

Pedro: [offscreen] Without our Element Leader, our fighting capabilities will take a nosedive.

Brian: [calms down and Pedro appears onscreen smiling] Lieutenant Pedro...

Pedro: [grins] We wouldn't stand a chance without him. And then what do you think would happen to the Lead's daughter? Or wife?

Brian: [angry] But...

Pedro: [frowns] Why do you think he's here? It's to protect his wife and daughter. What gives you the right to question his decision?

Brian: [stressed] ...

Pedro: You've become a skilled fighter. It's high time you started thinking about what you're fighting for.

Brian: ...

Pedro: Now Lead, if you would excuse me. [leaves]

Holst: [smiles] Brian, I'm sorry to worry you.

Brian: Lead...I...

Holst: In her letter, Alice said, "I want to live together with my father." I fight so she can live in a world of peace.

Brian: [calms down] Lead...

Holst: The operation against the Kotor stronghold is not far off. Make sure both you and your plane are in tip-top condition.

Brian: Yes, sir!

[transitions to O.C.C. side in their meeting room]

Sergei: [sadly] We've all lost a cherished comrade. And for you, Leon, he was a respected superior. I know this can't be easy for you.

Leon: ...

Sergei: But we must forge on in Giuseppe's name. That's what he would want. Leon, you'll be on the job as soon as your plane arrives.

Leon: ...Yes, sir...

Sergei: [grins] You'll temporarily take over the post as 2nd Squadron Commander. You'll be in charge of a whole squadron now.

Leon: Yes, sir!

Sergei: That is all. [leaves]

Leon: ... [pleased] ...Keh heh heh heh...Now I'm 2nd Squadron Commander! It seems my time has finally come. It actually paid off being stuck with that snake. But who would've thought that it would happen this fast! What's more, I don't have to fight until my plane arrives! Now if that old man and punk kid would die on the next mission... [smiles and wrings his hands] Yeah! I'll automatically be promoted to Commander! Keh heh heh heh! This is good enough to make me cry! [pleased] Now, I just have to sit back, relax and wait for the word to come in about two rather untimely deaths...

[debriefing ends]

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