"This is perfect for someone who wants to straighten his life."
Harry's description of this weapon in the shop.

The All Delete Block is a unique special weapon in Airforce Delta Strike which can only be used by the Block Shooter. It is one of the strangest weapons in the game for its rather unorthodox use. Upon selecting the weapon, a cross appears on the screen, showing a rough estimate of where the weapon will aim upon being fired, yet this is mostly irrelevant.


This weapon... instantly wins the level. No, seriously. Upon using the weapon, a large white block is fired that explodes like a Wide Area Mass Destruction Rocket. However, as it explodes, the screen goes white, and afterwards an explosion is heard and a "MISSION OVER" is granted, which counts as completing the mission.

However, this comes with a cost; after using this weapon, it destroys the Block Shooter and removes the special weapon, forcing you to cough up an incredibly hefty sum to repair and rearm the craft (The 600,000 it costs to repair the craft plus the 1.5 million needed to re-purchase the weapon!). However, considering it's practically an instant win button that allows you to complete any mission instantaneously... do you care?

Using this weapon with Mother Ship (during the campaign) has... Interesting consequences. You will complete Mother Ship and proceed to Inside as normal, but the Block Shooter you are controlling will literally have 1 HP. And no All Delete Block. Needless to say, it's the one time you DON'T want to use the weapon in the game...


  • Instantly wins the level.


  • Destroys your craft, and you must repair and repurchase the weapon, which costs a lot of money.


  • This is the single most expensive item in Airforce Delta Strike, at 1.5 million credits.
  • This special weapon seems to be based off of a game mechanic from the Quarth arcade game where glowing white blocks, when filled in, would clear out all other blocks from the game board.
  • In the Aircraft Viewer, this special weapon behaves identically to the Wide Area Mass Destruction Rocket.
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