"Don't do anything crazy, you two."
―One of Alex's random quotes during radio chatter.

Alex Levine is a character in the Airforce Delta series who appears as one of the main playable characters in Airforce Delta Strike.

Alex is the 1st Element 3rd position of Delta Squadron. He is also good friends with fellow Element members Jamie Jones and Rick Campbell. He is the only member of Delta to fly VTOL planes, although he also has some standard planes.



Little is known about Alex's life before the game's events. He mentions at one point that when he was a child, he sold candy and newspapers at a train station while his siblings were at school because their family didn't have much money. He joined the military at an unknown point and volunteered for a mission that involved flying a VTOL plane. He joined Delta as he figured he would be useful to them and joined 1st Element.


Alex is somewhat different from Jamie and Rick. While they are rather eccentric and obsessed with specific types of planes, Alex is far more sensible. He is shown to be rather cynical and sarcastic at certain times. He is also rather laconic as he is able to simplify complex sentences. Alex often provides emotional support for Jamie and Rick as they tend to be insecure at times. Alex is often a hard worker. He gets tired of Rick and Jamie arguing and tries to put up with it.


Alex is a tall, African-American man of muscular build. He has flat, dark hair and appears to have brown eyes.

Events of AFD Strike

Alex is introduced, along with Jamie, Rick, Holst Prendre, Pedro Glankert, and Brian Douglas, in the debriefing for the mission operation code H4. After Jamie and Rick start to argue, Alex introduces himself and says that he usually pilots a VTOL. He then smiles and says that it's nice to meet everyone.

Later, 1st Element is sent to escort a train escaping from Lugerde City to their territory. On their way, they encounter three helicopters and two fighters. They manage to deal with them and head to Ariana Glen where the train is located. They destroy several armed trains attacking the train, and then they blow up rocks blocking the tracks. They then shoot down three VTOL fighters attacking the train, and they destroy more armed trains and the train is able to safely escape. In the debriefing, Robert congratulates them. After Jamie and Rick start to argue, Alex tells Robert that he wouldn't mind flying a standard plane. Robert turns it down saying that he's the only member of Delta who can fly a VTOL. Alex says that he'll be in the 1st Element for a while and Robert agrees saying that Alex is the only one who can work with Jamie. Alex smiles and says that he has to take what he can get and he doesn't mind. Lilia then asks Alex if they should stop Jamie and Rick. Alex says no and states that they won't hurt each other. He then says that deep down, Jamie and Rick are good friends. He then leaves to rest.

Later, Alex and the other pilots are sent to capture the enemy's air transport squadron and to destroy the enemy's airships around the transports, then to guide the transports back into friendly territory. They succeed in their mission.

Later, Alex and the other pilots are sent to attack the enemy's new anti-aircraft system, tornado generators, in the Drycharl Desert. On their way, they encounter Donald Chan and two reinforcements. John Rundal leaves the mission to deal with an enemy air squadron. Despite this, the pilots are able to deal with Donald and the other enemies, and they head into the Drycharl Desert where they destroy the tornado generators and the operations base, completing the mission.

Later, 1st and 3rd Elements are sent to defend Ballga airbase from enemy fighters. During the mission, they encounter Sergei Kinski, Albert Ungar, and Ellen McNichol. The pilots eventually manage to bring down the enemies and save the airbase, completing the mission. If the mission is played with a 1st Element character, Alex talks to Jamie and Jamie is feeling upset about something and Alex asks him what's wrong. Jamie talks about his old rivalry with Sergei until he switched from a prop-plane to a jet. Alex wonders if he's feeling sad and Jamie admits that he is. Alex then asks if they should go out for a drink with Rick and Jamie agrees.

Later, Alex and the other pilots are sent to regain the airspace near the Chiron orbital lift in Armagest City, and assist the ground troops as they advance. On their way, they encounter Sergei and Giuseppe Ferretti, as well as two reinforcements. They eventually manage to wipe out the enemies and they head into the city. At the city, they encounter Pierre Gallo. If the player is playing as Jamie, Rick and Alex are amazed by Pierre's speed, and Pierre laughs saying that they've also got slowpokes. Rick gets angry and says he's not about to lose and Alex says that accuracy is more important than speed anyway. Pierre says that he doesn't care and that he'll shoot them all down. Delta manages to destroy the anti-air radar system and shoot down Pierre, completing the mission. In the debriefing, Alex says that they've met a strange enemy today and Rick says he's never seen an enemy as inflammatory as he and he sounded quite young.

Later, 1st Element is sent to escort the Archelon and defend it from enemy fighters and ground turrets. During the mission, they encounter Leon Kleiser whom they banter with. They escort the Archelon to the target location and they shoot down any fighters or ground turrets attacking it, completing the mission. The Archelon then drops the Armed Fighting Walker which is left to be escorted in a mission for 2nd Element. In the mission, Alex and the others start feeling tired and then Jamie cheers up and they should go out for a drink. Alex is amused, but Rick angrily states that the war is heating up and it's probably not the best time to party. Jamie gets angry and says that its precisely that things are heating up that he's trying to lighten them up saying it's tradition. Alex agrees with him and Rick ultimately does as well. Jamie asks them if they're with him and suddenly Lilia appears getting angry and asking what they're talking about. After some arguing, Jamie gets frustrated and says that the fun is over and its time to stay on their toes. Rick reluctantly agrees and Alex suggests that they go for a walk.

Later, Jamie and Alex are sent to clear out the subway tunnels of enemies in the recently freed Cornia City. Despite the mission's difficulty, they manage to wipe out the enemies, completing the mission. In the debriefing, Lilia congratulates them, and after some talk, Alex asks her if she's just going to give them all the oddball missions and she says yes saying that there's no one else for her to turn to for special work. Alex agrees and Jamie asks him if he has a stomachache and Alex says that ignorance is bliss.

Later, Delta is sent to destroy the Kotor Stronghold. Along the way, they encounter Francine Davout and Jake Emerson. They eventually manage to wipe out the enemies and head to Kotor. There, they encounter Sergei and Albert. Delta manages to fly through several underground bunkers and blow up their internal hatches with help from Land Walker. If Sergei is left alive after the 5th bunker has been destroyed, he must be killed. Sergei is shot down and killed and Delta completes their mission.

Later, Delta is sent to clear a path for bombers that are being sent to attack the enemy's new railguns. On their way, they encounter five bombers and Pierre. They manage to deal with them and head to Marinor Glen. At the canyon, large wind turbines are activated, creating a barrier of wind above the canyon. Jamie, Rick, and Alex are accompanied by David Smith, Collette Le Clerc, and Constance Le Clerc, but they get knocked out by the wind. As they fly through the canyon, they are pursued by Albert, Ellen, and two reinforcements. Ellen and Albert wonder about Ken and why he's not there. Albert then says that he'll finish this quick and hunt him down and challenges the Delta pilots. They eventually reach where the machines are located and destroy them by breaking their supports, causing them to topple over, completing the mission. In the debriefing, after Jamie tells Holst that it's no fun getting old as it always shows up in your face if you try to push it too hard, Alex angrily says that things have been pretty hard on them and that they've just been making one excursion after another. Rick agrees and says that they don't know if they can keep it up forever. When Ken Thomas gets worried if he's unable to fight Ellen, Alex sympathizes with him saying that having to fight a loved one has to do a bad number on your head.

Later, Alex and the other pilots are sent to attack the Navarone battery, home to three of the enemy's new large-bore railguns. Along the way, they encounter Francine and Jake, and strange new vehicles shaped like crabs. Jake is killed during the fight and 2nd Element manages to deal with the crabs. They then head to where the railguns are located, and all of the bombers are shot down by one of them. David, Collette, and Constance fly through one of the railguns and blow it up from the inside. Amelia then tells them to leave the battle zone. Delta then takes care of the rest. They manage to destroy the other two railguns, completing the mission.

Later, Delta is called upon the attack the Chiron lift in Armagest City to prevent the enemy from attempting to resupply. During the mission, they encounter Donald and Ellen. Donald is killed if he is shot down, but the mission does not require him to be. the orbital lift then comes online and Delta attacks it. Jamie mentions that he's having trouble flying at high altitudes and Rick and Alex warn him about his prop-plane. Jamie tells them to shut up. They manage to stop the elevator car, completing the mission. However, Pierre discovers this and, flying a large mech, fires a powerful laser beam at the lift, causing it to explode and slowly break up.

Afterwards, 1st and 3rd Elements are forced to deal with the fragments of the orbital lift and they destroy the large fragments before they can fall to Earth to avoid disaster. During the mission, they encounter Albert. Jamie is having trouble flying at high altitudes because of his prop-plane and Rick and Alex try to warn him about it but he tells them to shut up. Rick says that Jamie is just so stubborn and Alex says, "Yeah he's a handful. Let's get in there." Rick tells Jamie to get the stragglers, much to the latter's dismay. They eventually manage to wipe out the fragments, completing the mission.

Later, 1st and 3rd Elements are sent to the Uranometria base to provide cover for the last heavy-lift vehicle (HLV) known as Starlight, as it takes off. Leon is encountered during the mission, and he is killed if he is shot down, but the mission does not require him to be. Delta manages to destroy the crabs clinging to the Starlight that were attempting to stop it. The Starlight then picks up speed and launches. It then flies high up in the air and Delta docks on it. The Starlight then flies up into space and, along with several other HLVs, approaches the mothership Isis, completing the mission. In the debriefing, Alex is amazed by the space carrier, saying that he can't believe they were able to make it even with help from surrendered O.C.C. scientists. Alex then notices that Rick is feeling sad and asks him what's wrong. Rick states that he's unable to fight without Jamie. Alex gets angry and says that he's disappointed with Rick because he didn't think he would be like this just because Jamie was not around to hold his hand anymore. He also says that Jamie's not dead and they'll see him again when the mission's over. Alex calms down and says that it was a pretty tough decision Jamie made and that Rick should respect that. Rick calms down and says that he was just feeling homesick and he was used to having Jamie around to argue with. Alex smiles and says that it's way too early to be getting homesick. Rick cheers up and says he's glad to be the temporary leader of 1st Element and Alex says that's the kind of wingman he'd be proud to be under.

Later, Alex and the other pilots are sent to defend the E.D.A.F. armada from an enemy formation. If Ellen is not unlocked at this point, she will appear in the mission as an enemy. Delta eventually manages to wipe out the enemy formation, completing the mission.

Afterwards, Delta is sent to attack the L-2 Colony where the O.C.C. base is believed to be located. 2nd Element attacks the enemy fleet while 1st and 3rd Elements go after the enemy's fighters and mechs. During the mission, they encounter Francine who wants to avenge Jake's death. Delta manages to win the battle, but it is then revealed the L-2 Colony was not the enemy's main base. When they learn that the O.C.C. is lead by an alien called Navigator who is located at Mars, and all of the highly advanced technology was created by him, Alex gets angry and says he guesses it makes sense and states that he couldn't imagine those 'O.C.C. dolts' thought of it themselves. Delta decides to head for Mars.

1st and 3rd Elements are sent to cover four ships as they descend to Mars' surface from enemies. They encounter Francine one last time and she is killed during the mission. Delta then manages to fight off the enemies, but three of the ships have been destroyed. Luckily, they are able to defend Isis, the last ship, as it descends to Mars' surface. There, the E.D.A.F. troops construct a base and prepare for the final battle.


In the final mission for 1st Element, The Asteroid, Rick and Alex are sent on a search-and-destroy mission for the launch base of the "Candel" missiles. They pick up a large radar signal dead ahead and they approach it while flying through the asteroid belt. They reach a large base built out of an asteroid and it is revealed to be their target. Four enemy ships are sent to attack them, but they manage to destroy them. After that, Amelia finishes scanning the structure and says that one area seems structurally weak and it appears to be a hatch. Rick and Alex destroy the hatch and they enter the facility. They blow up the facility's core, causing it to enter a self-destruct sequence. They then escape as the facility explodes. Afterwards, Rick and Alex are shown flying through space, towards Mars. Rick says he's flying on vapor and Alex says it will all work out somehow. He then asks Rick if he has any plans when he gets out of the service. As the screen fades to black, Rick says, "Wonder what I can get for a job." Alex then says that he can't see the rescue ships, and the cutscene ends. The fates of Rick and Alex are left ambiguous after this.

Ellen becoming unlocked

If the player plays as Ken and shoots down Ellen McNichol every time she appears, the debriefings for the missions Up Stream, Meteor Structure, and Departure will then change. In the one for Meteor Structure, everyone celebrates their victory including Rick and Alex. However, they then notice a strange plane landing. They believe it to be an enemy at first, but then the pilot is revealed to be an unbrainwashed Ellen. In the debriefing for Departure, commander Robert Williams informs them about something and Alex hopes it's not another sticky mission. Robert reassures him that it's not like that and tells them that he has a new recruit for their Element now that Jamie's gone. It is then revealed to be Ellen. Rick gets angry, wondering what Ellen is doing aboard Isis and saying that their army still has her on probation. Robert smiles and tells them that Ellen has been assigned to Delta under his authority, and says that they shouldn't leave an experienced pilot behind when they can really use her. Alex agrees and Robert tells him that Ellen needed his help and he couldn't leave her and he also says that he did something similar for Lilia once. He then tells them to play nice and leaves. Rick calms down and greets Ellen. She tells them it's good to be there. They walk down the hallway and Rick asks Ellen why she didn't want to be assigned to 3rd Element with Ken. Alex disagrees with this saying that they would've had to take John. Ellen explains that even though she was being controlled, it doesn't change all the horrible things she did and she feels like she needs to atone, saying that she doesn't deserve to be with Ken until the war's over and they can have peace once more. She states that her time for happiness will come when everybody can be happy as well. Alex asks her if she wants to concentrate on fighting in the meantime and she agrees saying that the entire human race is in danger of being wiped out and they have to end this war as fast as they can. Rick and Alex agree with her decision and welcome her to 1st Element saying that she's with them now. Ellen says that there's nothing she won't do for Delta and thanks them for the welcome. Alex then says it's time for a little welcoming party.


  • Call sign: Anaconda 3
  • T.A.C. name: Rush Hour
  • Plane colors: Tan with orange stripes.

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  • Both Alex's character profile and the game manual state that he doesn't get along with Brian, although this is never elaborated on in the game.
  • If the player unlocks Ellen, then plays the missions Mother Ship and Inside with Ken, Lilia will mention, in the debriefing, that all other Delta members have gone off to intercept the missiles. This includes Rick and Alex and it could possibly explain that they are still alive.


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