"This is the second generation of the world's first V/STOL (vertical and/or Short Take-Off and Landing) attack fighter, the Harrier. The Harrier II fixed flaws in the original design such as insufficient weaponry and fuel-loading capabilities. Cutting-edge technology has been implemented to enable entirely new operational capabilities for a V/STOL aircraft."
Airforce Delta Storm manual description, page 25.
"This redesigned Harrier has a lot of improvements, but the avionics are what give it its edge in aerial combat. Well?"
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The AV-8B Harrier II is a member of the second generation of the famed Harrier Jump Jet series, developed in the 1970s and introduced in 1985. The aircraft was initially a joint-venture between McDonnell Douglas and British Aerospace to improve upon the original Harrier jump jet (Which makes an appearance in this game series as the British variant, the Sea Harrier), but the UK eventually pulled out. McDonnell Douglas would merely pick up the slack to further redesign the original Harrier. The results speak for themselves. The aircraft remains in service, though it will eventually face retirement. This aircraft appears in all three Airforce Delta games, and is usable by Alex Levine in Airforce Delta Strike.


The AV-8B is an interesting beast. The craft does not have majorly noticeable jet engines, with them being located on the underside of the craft (which are the craft's signature jump jets). The aircraft employs two large wings, and single vertical stabilizer accentuated by two rear wings. The cockpit is bulbous and large. A very interesting design.


Airforce Delta

One of two V/TOLs in this game, which are both tied to game completion. V/TOLs are very weird in the original game. They can have incredible mobility if you know what you're doing, but it's VERY difficult to pull off. This plane is also absurdly expensive, costing 6,000,000. Compared to the SeaHarrier, this thing has slightly better power, but somehow costs less than the inferior SeaHarrier for some reason... Yeah. Weird planes.

Airforce Delta Storm

A V/TOL aircraft that can only be unlocked by finding a hidden airbase. It's... Very hard to recommend this craft. Most of its stats are crummy, and V/TOLs are somewhat weird to control. The fact that it's tied to a secret airbase alongside the F-14G Hellcat II is also salt in the wound. It IS superior to the SeaHarrier in the same hidden airbase, however. So... Yay?

Airforce Delta Strike

One of several V/TOLs for Alex. This V/TOL is one that actually has machine guns, something which several other V/TOLs lack. Comparing this to the Sea Harrier, this aircraft has slightly improved defense, but slightly worse anti ground (owing to the Rocket Pods this has instead of ASMs). This aircraft, predictably, is also very slow, lacking afterburners. It's good to use as a rocket plane due to the rocket pods, but once you unlock the Yak-141 "Freestyle", this thing will hit the bench.


Airforce Delta

Speed: Low

Power: Medium-high

Defense: Medium-low

Mobility: Medium-low

Airforce Delta Storm

Attack: Medium-low

Defense: Medium-low (2000 HP)

Speed: Medium-low (No afterburners)

Power: Medium-high

Mobility: Medium-high (!)

Missile: 55

Ability: V/STOL

Range: 1

  • (!) - Mobility stat is High in the PAL version.

Airforce Delta Strike

(Clockwise starting from top)

Anti Air Attack: Medium-low

Mobility: Medium

Defense: Medium (3000 HP)

Anti Ground Attack: Medium

Thrust: Low (No afterburners)

Speed: Very Low

Enemy Appearances (Missions)

Airforce Delta

Airforce Delta Storm


Airforce Delta

Airforce Delta Storm

Airforce Delta Strike


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